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  1. Stakeholder Management
    1. Lekki Concession Company (LCC) is committed to operating and managing its business in an ethical manner and to contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life of its various stakeholders - ranging from its internal human capital to the local communities in which it operates and society at large - to produce an overall positive impact on society.

      LCC CSDI Win-Win Approach

      Through research with the Lagos State Government Area offices, Local Council Development Area authorities and various community associations on issues of rural local development for Economic Empowerment, Healthcare, Environment and Education for grassroots communities, LCC continuously seeks to identify opportunities to advance its relationship with the host communities and increasing its community investment activities, expertise and its support to developing communities where it operates and ultimately, help achieve positive change.

      To demonstrate its commitment, LCC has started work in its support programmes to bring much needed relief to some of the local communities in Eti Osa and Iru-Victoria Island. A few examples of such projects are:-

      LCC "Safety First" Campaign

      Our Safety First Campaign, which started in 2009, is an ongoing promotion designed to educate children about road safety and the Highway Code. Through this initiative, LCC hopes to instill good driving habits and better road usage culture in children, at a very early stage of their lives.

      LCC CSDI Outlook

      LCC's community investment activity is designed to add local perspective and relevance to the way its contributions are made to benefit the local communities along the Lekki-Epe Expressway of which it is a part, and will take account of different cultural approaches to corporate giving and reflect the endeavours and interests of its workforce. By actively seeking engagement with stakeholders who have complementary objectives to its own, LCC will seek to achieve more than it could by acting alone.

      As LCC continues to build effective partnerships with NGOs, private organizations and
      Government agencies engaged in innovative schemes to address safety, education, water and sanitation, healthcare and hygiene, the schemes it has chosen to invest in will be discharged with good governance and clear deliverables, monitored to see that it achieves a win-win solution.

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